15The high altar

The high altar of St. Michael is in its structure, the first in a multiplicity of baroque altars in Bavarian churches. Its structure rises above the altar table into three floors: the original Tabernacle filled the whole opening, replaced by a curtain and a baroque cross today. The original Tabernacle recalled the grave of Jesus. On top of the grave was a figure of the Risen Lord and – lying on the ground – the guards, who should have guarded the grave. Today's Tabernacle was created in 1958. The middle floor shows the gateway to heaven, to the throne-room of God, guarded by the archangel Michael, who refuses the evil admittance. "Michael and his angels fought against the dragon" proclaims the inscription under the painted image by Christoph Schwarz. Jesus Christ, (in a pose of blessing), the coming Judge of the world, who sends his angels out and convokes all human beings, appears at the top of the altar; above the initials of Jesus Christ surrounded by a bright sun.