1818 The Sacrifice of the New Covenant

The painting on the left transept altar continues the story of the painting on the right: The paternal Creator at the top of this image has raised his hand to issue a blessing to the people. The divine son enters the history of mankind. He becomes a human. His name – "IHS" are its first 3 letters in Greek – is written on the wings of the white dove - the Spirit of God. As a child, he is standing on the knees of his mother Mary, who crushes the head of the snake. In the Eucharist, the consecrated Bread of the Lord's Supper, he is close to his church, which is here led by Pope and Emperor. The angels in the right picture, who keep the smoke of the burnt offerings from God away, now carry the tools of the Passion of Christ heavenwards: Through the life and death of Jesus, we are redeemed.