13The sanctuary

The sanctuary of St. Michael is designed as a kind of waiting room, as an anteroom just in front of Heaven’s Gate, as a space of resurrection in the here-and-now. On the walls on the bottom row are the Twelve Apostles as witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus, above, saints; in the stucco in the ceiling figures without wings, symbols for the redeemed people. Surprisingly for a Jesuit church: the choir stalls. At the arch, which separates the choir from the nave, are the figures of the four church-teachers of the West: on the left Augustine and Jerome, on the right Ambrose and Gregory the Great. Built after the end of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), the people's altar is placed under the arch. It points out that Jesus invites his followers to the meal together (the Eucharist), in which he gives them himself. The scene on the bronze relief of the raising of Jairus's daughter from death (Mark 5:21 par) shows that belief in Jesus raises people to a new life.