2An engraving of the college building

The Jesuit College of St. Michael in Munich is one of the first buildings in Germany that were built especially as a school building. The invention of printing with movable letters by Gutenberg (around 1450) had revolutionized the education system. Through reading and writing the horizon of the people widens beyond the borders of their own experience and their own status in society. Return to the sources, the "Renaissance" was the educational program of the time. This was also true for the field of religious belief and led to manifold attempts of Church reform. One of them ended up with Protestantism. The dukes of Bavaria decided to keep their old religion. However, this required reforms in the Roman Catholic Church. In 1559 the first Jesuits arrived in Munich and started in the premises of the Augustinian Abbey – directly next to today’s St. Michael – with the first lessons for boys from the city. The drawing from a sketchbook depicts the buildings of the old college.