1The facade

The facade of the church of St. Michael is the visible side of the whole Jesuit College, built between the years 1583 and 1597 by Duke Wilhelm V at his royal capital Munich. At the very top of the facade, Jesus Christ blesses – under the sign of the cross – the city and the country. Below him, three figures from the House of Agilolfinger, who, according to ancient tradition, brought Christianity to Bavaria. Underneath, figures of rulers, who have rendered outstanding service to the welfare of the duchy of Bavaria and to its Christian faith, are lined up in two rows. The consecration inscription on the three bands reads: "God, the most exalted and supreme Lord, / consecrated this shrine to commemorate St. Michael the Archangel, / William V, Count Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Upper and Lower Bavaria, as the protector and benefactor". To him, the founder of the church is added a model of the church. Between the two portals is as the guardian of the sanctuary, the bronze figure of the Archangel Michael, shown as a conqueror of evil. It is one of the first bronze figures that were cast in Munich. Underneath the coat of arms of William V with the chain of the Order of the Knights of the Golden Fleece can be seen. The most recent renovation - completed in 2013 – shows the facade in brilliant white.